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Πέμπτη, Ιουνίου 19, 2008

Διακοπές (Holidays) 2008 #10 b

Α! Ώστε απόψε έχει Πανσέληνο!!!

ΥΓ. #1: Αυτό το μήνυμα-δημοσίευμα το έστειλα χτες βράδυ 18/6/08, δεν ξέρω όμως γιατί αλλά δεν ανέβηκε στο blog.

PS. #2: I would like to thank all the visitors around the world of my blog "Dark Side". Now I 'm on summer holidays and all the posts that I 've made with the title "Διακοπές (Holidays) 2008" I posted them via MMS by my mobile phone. The posts "Διακοπές 2008 #1 - #6" are from Ioannina, north-west Greece, the post #7 has been taken from the boat to Cefalonia and shows the southern part of Lefkada island, and the photos #8-#10 are from Cefalonia island.

All the posts will be updated in a week with much more photos and details, when I come back in Athens.
See ya!
And THANK YOU very much for support!!!